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Aikaterini was born and raised in Greece.

She studied Architecture in De Montfort University, UK and is a registered Architect both in Greece and Germany, with years of experience in the field of the Build-Environment. She is currently based in Frankfurt am Main, working as a Senior Architect in a World-Wide Infrastructure Firm.


Parallel to her career as an architect, Aikaterini is also a painter. She has been painting for more than twenty years. However, this past decade, after moving to Germany (2013) proved to be a very significant one, because in those years she discovered her own artistic style.


In 2019 she has collaborated with mborw, a greek t-shirt company based in Frankfurt am Main, creating a limited edition t-shirt for the International day against women abuse.

In 2021 she has made her very first public appearance in Galerie Textor 74, Frankfurt am Main.

From the 1rst of January 2022 a selection of her work will be represented by Galerie Brücke 54, Frankfurt am Main.


"My art is about an ongoing search of my role in this reality, on this planet, in this society. It is about my feminine aspect against a dominant Patriarchal Society. Through my work  I explore subjects like feminism, gender boundaries, abuse, sexism, "sex-dollism" etc..


I draw inspiration from the Greek Mythology and Homer which are full of such allegories. I am influenced by the fragmented bodies of ancient Greek sculptures and how through their broken limps they transform into new forms. I am fascinated by the Ancient Cycladic figurines. I admire how time has stripped all unnecessary to leave them bare in their absolute purity of material and form. I also have great respect for the Japanese culture. I am drawn to their contrast between their exquisite aesthetic based on Tao and Zen, their fascination for detail, their respect for simplicity and the capacity to find beauty in the torn and old. All these, against a darker side filled with Geishas in very strict male society. Tribal Masks also play a significant part in my work. Humans have a very deep relationship with Masks, we use them for centuries both literary and metaphorically. I think of my portraits as masks, that we wear to fit in a very ill society.


My ambition is to provoke, bring awareness and fight against any type of abuse, injustice and old-fashioned stereotypes. I dream of a healthy society and a healthy planet for the future generations to be able to experience life to its fullest."

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